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Wonderful product! Germany Sex Drops have helped me to regain my sex drive and boost my libido fast. That saves my marriage! Glad to have come across this product. My husband is now the happiest man in the world.

Janet (US)

Magic Liquid! Have been dating my long term girl friend for nearly 10 years and she seem to have no interest in sex for the past few months. After giving her the drops, she begs for sex within minutes. Germany sex drops have done the magic! Will recommend this to my friends for sure.

Raymond (South Africa)

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Why Anorexia is Bad for Sex Drive

Anorexia is a disorder whereby people are dangerously underweight.  Particularly prevalent in young women, but also found in young men, anorexia is often a symptom of a wider problem such as low self esteem, causing people to feel as though they are fat and ugly, thus making them do more crash diets and take poor care of themselves in order to be thin.  Anorexia brings a host of problems to roost and one of them is a lowered sex drive.


The Self Esteem Issue to Improve Sex Drive

One of the root causes of anorexia is a lowered self esteem, making people eat less and less in order to fulfill some outside opinion of what the body should look like.  Lowered self esteem also impairs sex drive; after all, if you don’t feel very sexy, chances are you won’t want to have sex!  In the case of anorexia, it’s likely you feel too fat, bloated, or ugly to have sex and you want to wait until you reach the goal of being skinny; a goal that for most anorexics would never come to pass.  By working on your self esteem-through counselling, family and friends, you can not only feel better about yourself, but also improve sex drive naturally.


The Link Between Female Libido and Health

One of the other major challenges to increase sex drive when you think you are anorexic is the fact that anorexics are not getting the nutrition they need in order to enjoy sex.  Libido depends on a number of nutritional factors and anyone who is dangerously dieting will be missing these.  For example, B vitamins are important for libido while C vitamins and minerals are important for your immune system.  Protein and carbs give necessary energy and a whole host of other important nutrients feed your libido.  Anorexics though are missing most of these important nutrients and so have less energy, less lubrication and an overall diminished libido.  Using something like Germany Sex Drops can help, but make sure you are having a full and balanced diet so that your health will stay in good shape

Contrary to the beliefs espoused by magazines, skinny does not necessarily equal beautiful; in fact, it rarely does.  Beauty is seen in vibrant, healthy, confident women and that means eating right and enjoying life.  Do this, and you’ll see one of the best ways to improve sex drive-a healthier, sexier you!