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Wonderful product! Germany Sex Drops have helped me to regain my sex drive and boost my libido fast. That saves my marriage! Glad to have come across this product. My husband is now the happiest man in the world.

Janet (US)

Magic Liquid! Have been dating my long term girl friend for nearly 10 years and she seem to have no interest in sex for the past few months. After giving her the drops, she begs for sex within minutes. Germany sex drops have done the magic! Will recommend this to my friends for sure.

Raymond (South Africa)

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What is low sex drive?

When partner has a lower drive than the other, they can begin to wonder, ‘what is a normal sex drive?’ The answer is: there is no answer to that question. There is so much variety in sex drive from person to person that there is no real average.

When there is no real average, that makes defining “low sex drive” challenging. Typically, there is a disparity between partners’ sex drives. Whichever partner has the higher libido will say the other has a low sex drive. But how do you know if you really do?

The facts are that a low sex drive is in the beholder. And there are no hard and fast rules. We sometimes think all men have higher libidos, but in fact, 25% of women have a higher drive than their partner. And 13% of women think about sex multiple times a day.

If you want to rally a low sex drive, consider foreplay. Women who participate in foreplay even when they are not in the mood, often report that their desire is triggered. The longer women go without sex, the less they want to have sex. Thus, it is easy for couples to get into a lack of sex drive rut.

But there can also be a loss of libido. This is common during pregnancy—although many woman have an increase in sex drive—as well as postpartum and menopause. Hormonal changes often result in a loss of sex drive for women. This can be very stressful for her and her partner. And the relationship can suffer immensely. Men often need sex in order to have intimacy. But women often report needing intimacy for sex. The cycle created by a disparity in sex drive can set up the partnership to suffer.

If you want to set about learning how to increase sex drive for women, you have to understand that sex drive in women is not straightforward like it is in men. So you need a Spanish fly, or an aphrodisiac, that addressed hormones, like sex drops. Women’s hormone issues are at the root of most libido issues. That is why Viagra doesn’t work for them.