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Vaginal Discharge is Normal

There has been a wealth of products built around the idea that vaginal discharge is somehow disgusting, a sign of poor hygiene, and generally dirty. However, this is not typically true (although in some cases, it can be problematic, so read on). Vaginal discharge is a normal part of the health of a woman and is a very important part to boot.
Vaginal discharge is the fluid excreted by glands in the vagina. It serves a dual purpose. First, the discharge serves to flush out dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt that build up from daily life. This is important because all of bacteria if left unchecked will contribute to getting infections, smelly discharge and a bad itch. The second reason for vaginal discharge is of course lubrication; when women are aroused, more discharge is produced to make sex comfortable and to protect the sperm. Vaginal discharge also changes based on a woman’s menstrual cycle, stress, whether she’s on the pill or not, pregnancy and other factors, so don’t be surprised if you seem to change up every day a little! Normal discharge shouldn’t really smell like much of anything, though close to your period, you may smell a bit different.
Just like any function of a human though, things can get knocked askew. Abnormal vaginal discharge comes in a range of symptoms; the most common being vaginal odor, itching, rash, and sometimes too much or too little discharge. Vaginal odor, itching and rash are often caused by bacteria and allergies. Too much discharge is sometimes just a hyperactive gland and can be rectified using some herbal soaps and drying agents while too little vaginal discharge may require the use of a cream or lubricant so that you remain comfortable during sexual intercourse.
If you have a regular sorts of vaginal discharge though, it’s best to not try to get rid of it through soups, douching, and other means because that will cause more damage than good. There is no reason to be embarrassed about what is a very normal sort of human function. It may feel a bit strange or you may feel as though you are dirty, but in truth, your body is doing all it can to clean you! Stop worrying about your vaginal discharge and pay attention to what your body is telling you; it could be far more important than worry about a little bit of discharge!