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Wonderful product! Germany Sex Drops have helped me to regain my sex drive and boost my libido fast. That saves my marriage! Glad to have come across this product. My husband is now the happiest man in the world.

Janet (US)

Magic Liquid! Have been dating my long term girl friend for nearly 10 years and she seem to have no interest in sex for the past few months. After giving her the drops, she begs for sex within minutes. Germany sex drops have done the magic! Will recommend this to my friends for sure.

Raymond (South Africa)

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Is Sex Tied to Self Esteem?

The general consensus is that sex is tied to self esteem for men, but what about women?

There is a long standing tradition that women are only supposed to endure sex, not enjoy it.  This train of thought was running right up until the sexual revolutions around the sixties and seventies when women realized that they not only could enjoy sex, they should!  The sexualisation and freedom of sexuality for women slowly followed and now women know that they can enjoy sex and should!  Indeed, the media may have overcompensated, turning sex into acts with massive female orgasms and screaming lust-the viability of this in reality is a matter for another time; the point is, that women more and more are seeing themselves as sexually active beings and that ends up tied to their self esteem as well!

Low Self Esteem and Sex


Although many people think that only confident women are sexual beings, it’s also true that women with a low self esteem try to be sexual, often having multiple partners or performing risky sex in order to impress their partner.

Low self esteem though also leads many women to have difficulties with sex, dropping libido or ruining sensation.  This then feeds into a shame spiral related to sex and making it harder for women to enjoy it again.  In this case, using something like Germany Sex Drops can help because it improves libido, increases sex drive and helps you get back in the saddle.

High Self Esteem and Sex


While confident women are going to have fewer sexual problems emotionally, they can still have problems on the physical side of things (or if life interferes one too many times) and then it’s best to get some help before things get worse.  Confident women tie at least a little of their esteem to their ability to pleasure their partner and themselves in the sack and when that drops, it can be hard not to feel stressed out, anxious, worried or disgusted.  Again, Germany Sex Drops can help you restore your libido so that you can jump back in the sack!

Self esteem is tied to sex for both genders; for women, it comes out of a combination of wanting to please her partner and wanting to be strong sexually or out of a desire to build one’s self esteem based on their ability to have sex.  Either way, your sense of self worth at least rests a little on your abilities in the bedroom, so shouldn’t you give yourself all the tools you can to do well?  Germany Sex Drops can help you, so give them a try for yourself today.