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Wonderful product! Germany Sex Drops have helped me to regain my sex drive and boost my libido fast. That saves my marriage! Glad to have come across this product. My husband is now the happiest man in the world.

Janet (US)

Magic Liquid! Have been dating my long term girl friend for nearly 10 years and she seem to have no interest in sex for the past few months. After giving her the drops, she begs for sex within minutes. Germany sex drops have done the magic! Will recommend this to my friends for sure.

Raymond (South Africa)

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The Importance of Figuring out the Cause of Low Libido

Female libido is a tricky thing; far trickier than male libido.  Problems with libido strike over 40% of women and the causes vary wildly and are often intertwined.  If you are suffering from low female libido, it could be caused by any number of the following:

  • Stress.  Emotional and physical stress wrecks havoc with hormones and emotional wellbeing, both of which are necessary for increasing sex drive in women.
  • Physical wellbeing.  Overweight, ill, post-pregnant women, and women who suffer from things like asthma will tend to have more trouble getting in the mood.  Losing weight and exercising more can aid in female libido.
  • Relationship problems.  Issues in the relationship-lack of trust, anger, fear, worry, stress, etc.-will cause women to not be in the mood for sex with their partner.  It’s important to talk to your partner about anything that is bothering you in the relationship.  Not only will it help you increase sex drive, but communication is good for all aspects of a relationship.
  • Medication.  Some medications affect female libido, particularly things like anti-depressants.  If you suspect that medications are having a hand in your need to increase sex drive then it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor to see what can be done.  Don’t take anything to help your sex drive until you clear it with your doctor; some medicines interact poorly with each other.
  • Drugs and alcohol.  Recreational drugs retard sexual libido by stunting sensation and damaging sexual organs and hormones.  And contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not improve libido; it stunts it.  If you’re taking drugs or drinking heavily and find that your libido has dropped off, it’s time to get help and stop.
  • Age.  The fact is, the older you get, the longer it takes to get ready to go.  There’s not much you can do about age, but staying healthy will prolong your active years.
  • Pregnancy.  Many women experience a cool period after giving birth; after all, the experience is physically traumatic no matter how one emotionally views it.  Doctors alone reccomend that you abstain from sex for at least six weeks or until the bleeding has stopped, but due to exhaustion, hormones all over the map, and stress, most women aren’t ready for sex until long after that.  It’s important to bring your partner on board with this; make him help you with the nightwatch and let you get rested during the day so that you’re ready to have sex at night.

Low female libido is a cause for stress for many women, but there are ways to handle it.  Open communication, discussion with your doctor and herbal products like Germany sex drops can help you improve sex drive, enhance female orgasm and enjoy your romantic life again.  Don’t let low libido drive your relationship into the rocks; be proactive and do what you can about finding the cause and getting a solution!