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How Low Libido Can Contribute to Relationship Failure

When it comes to jokes about low sexual activity in the bedroom, the sky’s the limit. The harsh reality though is that low libido on the side of either spouse is only funny in jokes; it’s actually very hazardous to real relationships. For the sake of this article, we will look at how a low libido in women can contribute to relationship failure; but keep in mind that many of the aspects will apply equally to the male with a low libido.


Sex is the Glue

Now, we’re going to make a generalization here: sex is one of the important glues to hold a relationship together. As a disclaimer, we’ll note that it’s not the only glue, nor is it necessarily the most important glue; but for the majority of couples, it’s pretty high on the list. Sex promotes bonding, feelings of well being, compassion and feeling cared for. Without it, most couples get sad, depressed, angry, anxious, and may stray and all of these things may land a couple in a divorce court. When the woman has low libido, her husband or boyfriend may feel ignored, unloved, undesired, and will probably get hurt or annoyed which feeds still further into the low libido as the woman gets frustrated, feels unloved, and unheard. It’s a powder keg waiting to go off!


The Emotional Causes of Low Libido

The causes of low libido are probably also feeding into problems with the relationship (or problems in the relationship are feeding into the low libido). Things like stress in the relationship, a communication breakdown, cheating, lying, and rarely having time to connect makes it hard to feel intimate when the time does come around. Hurt feelings and anger are also not the greatest emotions to have when you want to get in the mood! Furthermore, many of these negative emotions feed into the problem:

Mad at husband for not being around-don’t want to have sex-madder at husband for not being around…. You get the picture! Depression is also insidious like this; you don’t feel up to having sex, making you feel guilty and lonely and making you even less inclined to have sex!

In this case, the bad feelings and the low libido all feed into each other and if nothing is done about it, the relationship generally spins out of control and explodes (or fizzles) and dies.


The Physical Causes of Low Libido

For women, physical causes of low libido may include things like menopause, post baby cool or just plain not feeling well. Many women also have a naturally low libido for a variety of reasons (low testosterone, smaller ovaries and womb, difficulty with arousal etc). In this case, she may really want to have sex, but the flesh is weak (and difficult to make do anything!)

Although her spouse may well understand that it’s not her fault, it can still be frustrating to not be able to fully enjoy sex or even have it for both spouses. Fortunately, if the case is something caused by physical problems, it can be dealt with using things like hormone therapy, natural products like Germany sex drops and a lot of patience and understanding! (and masturbation for the men—come on, you were thinking it too!)

Without the drive to see a doctor and root out the cause of low libido in a woman, it can be very hard to get back on the sex train and that can ultimately lead to relationship disintegration.

Did you know that a lack of sex can be cause for divorce for many divorce judges and courts? The thought behind this is that if one spouse is feeling cut off, lonely, depressed and unloved that they ought not be forced to stay in the relationship. However, you shouldn’t go running off to the courts if your wife or girlfriend has a low libido; there could be many causes for it and exploring solutions will not only help bring back more sex time, but will also promote overall bonding and trust and that’s always a good thing for any relationship!