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Depression and Lower Libido

One of the reasons for lower libido in women is depression, both minor and major. Depression can come about for a variety of reasons: hormone imbalances, stress, worry, upset in the relationship, exhaustion, panic and other reasons. Depression runs rough-shot over many aspects of life, including a woman’s sex life.

Depression is hooked to libido in a few ways. First, depression causes lower libido because the feel good hormones in your brain are being blocked and that makes it harder to feel aroused. Depression and hormones locked together means that it’s hard for things like endorphins to get around. Depression also causes exhaustion in many women, making it hard to get the energy up to do much of anything, let alone enjoy having sex.

Emotionally speaking, depression makes many women feel distant and isolated. This also makes it hard to have sex because women need to feel some sort of connection in order to enjoy having sex; even casual sex requires some sort of connection (if only to herself) and without that, it’s very hard to enjoy. If the woman in question is in a relationship and something is going wrong, depression combined with the ice in the relationship will make it hard to have sex.

It can be hard to deal with depression and lower libido. Most people are prescribed anti-depressants to get rid of the problem, but anti-depressants can also lower libido in women, making it harder for them to get aroused. Instead of trying to medicate your depression away, it may be more effective to start looking at the root of the problem. If you are depressed because of stress or worry, talking it out with someone can help. If the relationship is causing problems, having it out with your partner, while not fun at the time, can really help you in the long run. And if it’s simply a part of your menstrual cycle, you may have to ride out or do things like change your birth control (if relevant) so that your hormones aren’t all over the map anymore.

A lower libido is no reason to give up on everything and stop enjoying your sex life. Most women experience some blues at some point in their lives and it is something to be dealt with and learned from instead of ignored or made worse than spanish fly. There are plenty of reasons for depression, but finding out the reason is a good step towards getting rid of the problem.

If you need a pick-me-up (sexually speaking) to help jumpstart your relationship, a sexual aid can help. Opt for a natural one that will work with your body instead of against it so that you don’t let your body get in worse shape for the sake of sex. Sometimes a good time between the sheets is enough to help you get your mind back in the game and start working on digging yourself out of the pit. Try your best and remember, there is always help for managing depression.